Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dinerstein (Jew) Denies Derek Black His Republican Party Seat...

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When any White activist tries to run for any type of public representation, he will always face adversity from the one group that likes to label us as "haters" and "anti-Semites". Take a good look at the slurs and one-sided reporting on this birdcage liner below. Don Black's ( founder.) son, Derek, is finding this out:

Teen Son Of "Klansman" Wins Vote For GOP Post
Derek Black - the 19-year-old product of the marriage between former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard Don Black and the former wife of white supremacist politician Duke - won his first election.

He's now a Republican Party committeeman. His job is primarily to ensure that voters in District 29, which runs alongside Southern Boulevard east of Dixie, vote Republican.

But that job may not be his for long. Already, the GOP has moved to kick him out.

Tuesday's contest wasn't even a squeaker: Derek Black won with 58 percent of the votes, 167 out of 287. His opponent was Eduardo Burkhart. The 47-year-old, who's deaf, made news last year when Gov. Charlie Crist used Burkhart's attempts to sell his condo on Flagler as a prop to illustrate why lower property taxes were needed.

Early Wednesday, Republican leaders here said they’d never heard of Derek Black until Page 2.1 called them.

"I assume he qualified to run for the seat and he was elected," said local GOP boss Sid Dinerstein. "Anybody in this country can join a party and run for a position on that party. He is entitled to be seated if he acts according to our constitution."

Added Dinerstein, who's Jewish: "Hopefully, he left that past behind. He shouldn't forget that this party was formed by abolitionists."

But by 5 p.m., Dinerstein called back.

“We checked the young man out, and his victory may not be valid,” Dinerstein said. “We required that candidates sign an oath of loyalty in June, and he didn’t do it. As far as we’re concerned, Eduardo won.”

Maybe, maybe not.

“We’ll see about that,” Derek Black said. “My understanding is that the oath had to be signed by the first meeting of the new committeemen, and that’s by Dec. 1. They’re obviously looking for a way to keep me out, but I won’t let that happen.”

Young Derek Black is still living at his family's home on Lakeland Drive, according to records. ...

It's good to see a White man standing up for his rights in this opposition. We need more white men like him. Never be afraid of standing up for your rights White folks!

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