Friday, September 19, 2008

A jewish "feminist's" Attack Upon Sarah Palin

(This blog post is hardly an endorsement of any V.P. or presidential candidate.)

Now Sarah Palin is coming under attack from a extremist left-wing JAP nutcase.
Gloria Steinem is calling Palin a "shares nothing but a chromosome with Hillary Clinton.". You can find her anti-Japhetic venomous birdcage liner here.

White women need to stand up to assaults upon their heritage and people by those who seek to demean our folk. Sarah has achieved so much more than any Red Sea pedestrian has in their entire "history". Sarah has done so much with her life ( Beauty pageant contestant, hunter, college degreed, married with a family of four children, councilwoman, mayor, and governor of the largest U.S. state.) compared to an hostile alien force.

White women need to stand up to attacks upon their folk, heritage and families. God bless White women!

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