Saturday, October 25, 2008

Harvard Law School: Hotbed Of Hebrew Shysters...

(Much of the credit goes to M. Kraus for researching this.)

Out of all the administrators and instructors, "only" 29 out of 90 total, are part of the "tribe". Estimate based on internet search for [name] + jewish.:

1. David Barron
2. Lucian A. Bebchuk (alumnus: University of Tel Aviv,
University of Haifa)
3. Yochai Benkler (alumnus: Tel Aviv University)
Gabriella Blum (alumnus: Tel Aviv University)
5. I. Glenn Cohen
6. Alan M. Dershowitz
7. Noah Feldman
8. John C.P.
9. Morton J. Horwitz
10. Elena Kagan (Dean)
11. Daniel J.
12. Frank I. Michelman
13. Martha L. Minow
14. Todd D.
15. Benjamin Roin
16. David Rosenberg
17. William Rubenstein
18. Benjamin Sachs
19. Steven M. Shavell
20. Jed Shugerman
Joseph William Singer
22. Robert H. Sitkoff
23. Kathryn Spier
Matthew Stephenson
25. Cass R. Sunstein
26. Laurence H. Tribe (Honorary
LH.D., Hebrew University)
27. Lloyd L. Weinreb
28. Jonathan Zittrain
29. Michael Klarman

90 Total

= 32%

Now do you see that the most "prominent" law school is dominated by jews?
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