Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Radio Istina TONIGHT At Midnight (CST) with Alex Linder

Join Alex Linder tonight as he discusses:
- Bill White (arrested by FBI)
- Simon Sheppard and Luke Whittle (denied bail hearing)
- Fredrick Toeben (update on his arrest in Britain at behest of Germany)
- music producers in Denmark (facing extradition to Germany)
- why it is better for congoloids to live in fear of White than vice versa
- Wachovia ad (White man steals she-congoloid’s identity)
- Pacman Jones (no amount of money can turn a congoloid into a human)
- conclusion of our discussion of Culture Wars article (September 08) on the late Tom Herron, and the subversion of the American branch of the Catholic church in the sixties and seventies
Music might precede.
MP3 archive is here.:


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