Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Edgar Steele Is Coming To VOR This Wednesday Night...

Good news from Edgar Steele:
Edgar Steele's Nickel Rant

I am pleased
to announce that, at long last, I am taking my own radio show out for a
test drive. This may come as good news to those who have tuned into
other radio shows upon which I have appeared and felt that I didn't hold
forth at great enough length. Trust me, that will not be a problem
this coming Wednesday night.

Please tune in Wednesday night (9 pm ET
and 6 pm PT)
for the very first edition of
"Edgar Steele's Nickel
a one-hour Internet Radio show broadcast on
The Voice of
(VOR) network:

Visit http://reasonradionetwork.com/
click on one of the links in the upper-righthand corner to listen.

For one solid hour, with
no guests, no callers and nothing up my sleeves, I will rant, rave
and carry on concerning where America is going in the next four
years. Expect specifics and detailed discussions of America's
coming collapse into anarchy, Depression II, Racial Civil War, World
War III, the balkanization of America, biological pandemics and New
America, with stopovers in total financial chaos and, even,
(the other other white meat) as we wind down to
the end of 2012.

These are the proverbial interesting times and we
have ringside seats, folks.

Come listen to find out precisely how I see things turning out and how
best we pick our way through the rubble and hard times that almost are
upon us.

Itz coming...


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