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Flash From White Reference Blog on Craig Cobb...

This is from Anchorage Activist:

White Reference: American Pro-White Videographer Craig Cobb Rejected For Asylum In Finland, Threatened With Expulsion From Estonia; Podblanc Will Be Unaffected

Craig Cobb discloses that he received a 2 and 1/2 hour trial in Estonia where they concluded that he endangered public security, public order, public safety, moral standards, health of other persons or some other relevent public interests, rejecting his application for asylum in Estonia and expelling him from the country. However, he has not yet been physically removed from the country; he's locked down in jail until September 16th. He has cash and an American passport.

During June 2009, I first heard shadowy reports about longtime pro-White videographer Craig Cobb, who was seemingly living in Estonia without any official government harassment, suddenly applying for political asylum in Finland. However, coherent reports weren't available at the time, and so I could not run with the story.

This has changed. We now have more details available, and so I have enough to publish a post on this situation. Primary references for this post include this VNN Forum thread and this post on Podblanc.

Craig Cobb is a longtime pro-White activist. His activities range from showing up at different pro-White rallies like the October 2005 Kingston, NY rally for Robbie Hedrick to distributing pro-White literature wherever and whenever appropriate. Seeing the potential for a video outreach, he soon branched out into serious video activism and formed the Podblanc video hosting site where politically-incorrect videos can be hosted without fear of removal. Three years ago, Cobb re-located to Estonia, not only because it is a Whiter nation, but to escape growing suppression of the pro-White movement in America.

And all appeared to be well - until 2009. Apparently the Estonian authorities started harassing Cobb over his pro-White activism, because on June 2nd, he traveled to Finland and requested political asylum. Cobb claimed asylum protection based upon four principles; religion (WCOTC/Creativity), race (indigenous White), membership in social groups (White Nationalists), and political opinion (free speech).

On the Podblanc post, Cobb relates some interesting anecdotes about his sojourn in Helsinki, Finland. He notes that, although Finland remains overwhelmingly White, there are visible signs of growing non-white infestation in Helsinki itself. You'd be surprised at the variety of subhuman detritus also seeking asylum in Finland; they include Iraqis, Kurds, Gypsies, Nigerians, Sudanese, Somalis, Gambians, Congolese, and even Albanians (who stole Kosovo from the Serbs). In addition, Cobb also witnessed young Finnish whites in the streets trying to get Finns to "tithe their incomes to UNICEF non-White spawn". He also refers to an appalling cultural event called "Miss Africa-Finland".

Particularly noteworthy was Cobb's encounter with a Gypsy. In this instance, Cobb was nearly attacked by a 15 or 16 year old gypsy at the train station as he held his open Macbook and recorded. He baited Cobb by accusing him of stealing the computer. Being that the Gypsy was just a punk, Cobb said, “Yeah, I just stole it and they are floowling me right now”. At this, the Gypsy reportedly told Cobb “You stole my friends computer!”, and repeatedly physically threatened him with this age-old shit gypsy ruse. Cobb had to push the Gypsy back by his neck at one point and ask him a number of times if he understood that if he (Cobb) cut his jugular, he would have two and a half minutes to live, and if he thought the ambulance could possibly arrive in less than two and a half minutes. Things simmered down shortly thereafter. But many Eastern European patriots consider Gypsies to be malodorous, conniving, manipulative subhuman scum, and having observed them for myself during my military service in the U.K. from 1983-7, I can vouch for that.

However, Cobb only had to put up with multi-culti Helsinki for 14 days, for it was at that point that Finland rejected Cobb's application for political asylum, and deported him back to Estonia, where he immediately applied for asylum. Initially, conditions looked promising, as the Estonian authorities seemed attentive to the political threats faced by pro-White activists, particularly when Cobb told them about the harassment by the SPLC and ADL. However, Cobb has since disclosed that Estonia has rejected his asylum application and jailed him. They called him racist, and said there is now a ten-year ban on him in Estonia retroactive to February 2007. They also said in court that Sweden had some trial in absentia against him. It looks like Cobb has done two YouTube videos discussing this and other issues; they are embedded below:

June 26th video, Part 1 of 2:

June 26th video, Part 2 of 2:

Note that these videos were made on June 26th, long before Hal Turner admitted he was an FBI informant. It is not known whether Cobb's favorable attitude towards Turner has been affected by the disclosure.

However, Cobb has dual citizenship and he believes he will be deported to Canada rather than the USA. Estonian law allows one to choose if one has rights to more than one country. Cobb gives four reasons why he leans towards Canada:

(1). By verbal agreement with the Podblanc cell, his partial ownership in Podblanc is forfeited when he is one second outside Canadian air space and about to enter Canada. This means Podblanc can survive any measures taken against Craig Cobb.

(2). Canadians need help with their Hasbara hate laws

(3). Any Canadian thought or speech crimes committed by Cobb were outside Canadian territory.

(4). He can more rapidly earn money to go to South America or Serbia or Belarus – or any other country more favorably disposed towards free speech and pro-White activism.

The Podblanc video embedded below provides some more background:

Also visit Craig Cobb's YouTube Deprogram Channel for more of his videos. Even though YouTube is unfriendly towards pro-White videos, that will not stop a proven activist like Cobb from attempting to use it.

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