Sunday, September 6, 2009

Far-Right Zionistic Jewish Israeli Nationalists to Build More Settlement Homes in West Bank....

Notice a pattern here? The jews are trying to eradicate the Palestinians from their homelands, by crowding them out through jewish over-settlements and putting the Palestinians behind fences. Kind of like a Middle Eastern gulag, right?

Jews are going into another land grabbing phase from the Palestinians:

Israel to Build More Settlement Homes in West Bank

Days before President Obama's Middle East envoy George Mitchell returns to the region to discuss an Israeli settlement freeze, news has emerged of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's intention to approve hundreds more homes in the occupied territories.

Only after that would he be willing to agree to what one Israeli official speaking to ABC News, called a "moratorium" of a few months on further construction.

The move is likely to dismay the Palestinians and the Arab world who have insisted on a complete settlement freeze as a condition to restarting peace talks with Israel.

The senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat told ABC News today, "This is a direct and flagrant provocation by the Israeli side. It is likely to undermine all the efforts of the Obama administration to make peace in the region."


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