Sunday, September 13, 2009

Who Are The Real Terrorists? by Mohammed A. Hegazi

An Arab blogger gets the big picture of world affairs through a Khazarian point-of-veiw:

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Throw this question at the average American simpleton and you would get his spontaneous emphatic reply:
The terrorists are those evil Moslems and Arabs.

Why do you get such erroneous absurd reply?

It is because of the continual bombardment of these simple unsophisticated minds by the evil Jewish mass media. In reality, all those Moslems and Arabs that you see wandering in their funny cumbersome garb are simple people who harbour no evil feelings towards others. They are too busy trying to understand the vague metaphoric nuances of their own benign mysterious religion.When extremist Jews or Christians discuss Islam, they pick on the harsh metaphoric stance Moslems are instructed to take against their enemies, when the latter mount a war against them.

As such, media Jews have depicted Moslems as untrustworthy blood-thirsty people. You would find similar harsh statements in the old and new testaments, if you look hard enough, not to mention the evil Talmud, which is an indictment of its own followers.

But who are the real terrorists?

They are those American, British and European Jews who are running the affairs of the US, UK and most of Europe. They are those power-hungry quasi-human people who mounted devastating wars on innocent people, after advancing fabricated pretexts for war.

After almost a decade since the MOSSAD-CIA-CHENEY gang planned and executed the tragedy of 911, many simple-minded people in this world do still believe that the cave-dweller Osama Bin Laden was the culprit. It is a shame that only about 70 thousand inhabitants of New York are taking legal action to have 911 properly investigated, while all informed people can find the truth about 911 via a simple push of a computer button. Here is
one Internet link of hundreds, if not thousands of links that offer you indelible proof that the US government has been, and still is, involved in a massive coverup of the crime of 911.

Why the coverup?

If the crime of 911 is exposed, so would be the crimes of the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq. It is that simple. This is why Obama would never have the guts to re-examine 911, regardless of the striking facts that require re-investigation.

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